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Vndb I CG Set

Title: Marble Cooking
Original title: マーブルクッキング
Lenght: Short (2-10 hours)
Developer: Negative
Publishers: Negative, Ryo-Cokey's Hentai Game Translations

Marble, the young and innocent apprentice of magic, has always been curious about one of her master's possessions, the magic "Wand of Wishes". One day the curious girl uses the wand; as a result, an evil demon is unleashed into the world. The spirit of the wand, a rabbit-like creature known as Sirius, tells Marble that it is now her responsibility to save the world from the demon, whose vile plan is to brainwash and sexually abuse ripe pretty young girls!

Изображение Изображение Изображение


Играта е за NEC PC-98. В архива съм добавил емулатор, с който можете да я подкарате. Как става:
1. Разархивирате архива, след това разархивирате и пускате и емулатора (anex86.exe).
2. При HDD1 (отбелязвам HDD, не FDD) натискате многоточието и избирате играта (hdi файла).


3. Натискате Start и играете.


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