Link: Violated Hero I Wanted to Chivalrously...[H-Game][Eng]
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Автор:  dripper [ Чет Мар 01, 2012 12:28 pm ]
Заглавие:  Link: Violated Hero I Wanted to Chivalrously...[H-Game][Eng]

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Title Okasare Yuusha ~Ririshiku Sekai wo Sukuu Hazu Datta Boku
Original title 犯され勇者~凛々しく世界を救うハズだったボク
Aliases Violated Hero -I Wanted to Chivalrously Save the World-
Length Short (2 - 10 hours)
Developer Dieselmine
Publishers Dieselmine, Dargoth

Violated Hero II ~ My wangle was played with, even though I'm a hero.

Dragoness, Mystic Warrior, Elf, Mandragora, Thief, Slime Girl...
To save the world the hero challenges each vixen of evil!
(and gets gleefully r*ped by her when he loses)

An epic, erotic fantasy world.
You are the naively driven hero who wants to vanquish villainy at its source: the Dragon inhabiting historic ruins!
It's a quest of many meetings, from normal to protective monster girls, and for some reason they're all sexual...

Can you rise to victory? Will you protect the peace of the world!?

Or will you falter, fail and die in a glorious blaze of sex...?

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Автор:  Eien Ryuu [ Вто Мар 06, 2012 3:36 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Link: Violated Hero I Wanted to Chivalrously...[H-Game][

Уха, масовка. Че и с какви ли не създания. :D
Естествено, че ще се пробва. :)


Автор:  dripper [ Пон Мар 19, 2012 5:37 pm ]
Заглавие:  Re: Link: Violated Hero I Wanted to Chivalrously...[H-Game][

Добавена връзка към

dripper написа:
Инструкции за инсталация:
Easy Installation:
1. Copy all files in the archive into your Violated Hero directory.
2. Run the English patch install.bat batch file and wait for it to finish. If you're using a weird operating system, you might not have xcopy and will have to manually copy the files from the English/ directory. You should be fine on XP/Vista/7 though.

Разархивирате първо файла с играта.
1. Разархивирате файла Violated Hero English Patch в папката на играта.
2. Стартирате English patch install.bat.
И играете.(може да се наложи да стартирате файла с AppLocale)
Играете през AppLocale, но ако не стане - четете на долу.
Help, it didn't work!
1. Run the game with your computer in Japanese locale. Also make sure you extracted the game in Japanese locale too. There are lots of tutorials for this on the Internet.
2. Make sure you have a /data folder but no data.xp3 file. Rename or delete data.xp3 if you do, otherwise the game will still be in Japanese.

Т.е. ако не работи:
1. Сменете си компютъра да е с Japanese Locale и направете горната рпоцедура отново.
2. Ако имате data.xp3 патча ще трябва да го изтриете. (при мен не беше наложително)

Ако не знаете как да преминете към Jap Locale или да ползвате AppLocale, може да проверите в тази тема: Всичко за Eroge/H-Games
Това е. Както казах, при мен с Jap Locale на Win7 си върви нормално!

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