Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие
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Автор:  CaBa [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 2:00 am ]
Заглавие:  Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

:twisted: Боен Колизеум 2011: Mecha :twisted:

  1. Кои могат да участват?
    • Всички аниме mecha/biomecha, които отговарят на условията, са позволени. Mecha, присъстващи само в хентай, манга и/или игри, не се допускат!
    • Нямат право да участват аниме mecha, които са безкрайно регенериращи или не разрушими, както и контролиращи времето/пространството/ума. Подобни mecha няма да бъдат записани. Ограничени в огневата мощ почти няма, но все пак няма да бъдат допускани такива които само със ”щракане с пърсти” могат да унищожът светове.
  2. Процедура на записване:
    • Всеки потребител може да запишe една mecha/biomecha.
    • Всека номинирана mecha трябва да има приложена снимка до 350x350 пиксела.
    • Снимката може и да е фенарт, но трябва да отговаря на изображението на mecha-та от респективното аниме, OVA, филм, etc.
    • Mecha със снимки, които не отговарят на изискванията, няма да бъдат записани.
    • Задължително, приложите кратко описание до 200 думи на mecha, което да бъде включено в бъдещите теми за двубой.
    Важно: Модераторите не са длъжни да прилагат снимки и описание на героите. Това е изцяло ваша инициатива.
  3. Срок за записване: от сега до 2 Април 23:59ч.

Индивидуалните свръхестествени сили на пилотите не са на разположение по време на битка. Т.е. примерно ако пилота притежава контрол над гравитацията, а не мехата, то тя няма да може да ползва тази сила в битка.

Темата с правилата на целия турнир може да намерите ТУК :!:.

Автор:  CaBa [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 2:01 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

Bellcross (Heroic Age)

Bellcross is considered to be the strongest of the remaining Heroic Tribe. It is shown to have the ability to absorb its enemies' life force and release it as a destructive energy blast. Bellcross has a humanoid body approximately 50 feet (15 m) tall, and joints made of very large blue spheres. Bellcross, like the other remaining members of the Heroic Tribe, apparently lives only for destruction and contest over its siblings of the Heroic Tribe, though it could apparently counter all the other 4 Nodos's powers with ease. When he enters Frenzy his entire body is covered in a red aura, his eyes and the spheres on his body change to glowing red, and his normally dark-blue body turns black. While Frenzied, he releases powerful shock waves whenever he moves through space, powerful enough to destroy nearby ships. Iron Tribe computers calculated that if he continued to remain in Frenzy, he would ultimately release energy on the scale of a supernova explosion. Eventually, while Bellcross is in Frenzy his armor expands, crystal-like protusions extend from the spheres at his shoulders and hips, and he sprouts a long, prehensile tail with a bladed tip.

Автор:  erejnion [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 3:04 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N.
[...] While Kallen is imprisoned, the Guren is handed over to Suzaku's subordinates in the Camelot Engineering Corps. The head of the corps, Lloyd Asplund, defers to his assistant Cecilé Croomy, allowing her to modify the Guren using a number of technologies intended for Suzaku's new machine, the Z-01Z Lancelot Albion. This includes the Energy Wing System, a new flight option of Cecilé's design, which combines incredible propulsion with maser field "feathers" which can be used in the same fashion as the Blaze Luminous energy shields. In the end, Cecilé by her own admission goes overboard, producing a unit so high-spec that it is thought nobody can truly pilot it, not even Suzaku. However, during the Second Battle of Tokyo, Kallen is broken out of her prison and hijacks the modified Guren, using it to tear through the battlefield and save Zero from the axe-crazy Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley. [...]


<tbc when I get to a nice 30Mbit internet connection, since I am so not downloading the BD rips on this free wifi>

Автор:  Wizarda [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 3:06 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие


The El Dora( Gun x Sword)
The El Dorado Five is an older Armor once piloted the team of Nero, Jose, Carlos and Barrio. It is composed of five separate components which can split off into individual vehicles. But the full power of El Dorado is unleashed only when all the pieces are assembled. The Armor mostly relies on hand to hand combat but is capable of launching missile attacks. It is also an energy guzzler and will not last long in prolonged battles.

Автор:  krumisimo [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 3:39 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

Gunbuster (Top o Nerae!)
The Gunbuster is the most technologically advanced weapon ever created by mankind with the exception of Buster
Machine 3, also known as the Black Hole Bomb. It is also incidentally the largest robot ever featured in an anime
series. Made up of two separate fighting vehicles, called Buster Machines, the robot is virtually unstoppable. Its
weapons platforms are astounding, both offensive and defensive arrays. In addition to an impregnable force field,
Gunbuster's primary offensive weapon is a head mounted laser cannon which can pretty much cut through anything it
hits. It also has hand mounted lasers which have the ability to track and engage multiple targets at once, and by
computer assistance, separating the beam and destroying each assigned target. In effect, it is a homing laser. The
Gunbuster can also rip through targets by smashing down into them by using specially designed treads built into its feet.


Автор:  loader [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 4:23 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

XXXG-01W Wing Gundam


Packing beam sabers, vulcan guns and machine cannons, its weaponry was topped off by its powerful "buster rifle," capable of firing an energy beam wide enough to destroy several enemy mobile suits in a single shot. The buster rifle's only drawback was that it was only good for three shots before it needed to be recharged. "Gundam 01," as it was code-named by the OZ forces, was also capable of transforming into a fighter-like "bird mode" for added mobility and atmospheric flight.
Built of nearly-indestructible gundanium alloy, the Wing Gundam could withstand everything from heavy weapons fire to direct missile hits (even its own self-destruct system left most of the mobile suit fairly intact).

Автор:  SonGoku [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 9:14 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

ZGMF-X10A Strike Freedom (Gundam Seed+Destiny)
ИзображениеИзображение Изображение Изображение

Автор:  ivankaiba [ Нед Мар 27, 2011 6:59 pm ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

Plan-1056 Codarl


The Codarl is an Arm Slave developed by Amalgam and is known to be the first to utilize their experimental Lambda Driver. Specific design data on the Codarl are not known, but in combat it has outclassed the M9 in both speed and agility even without using the Lambda Driver. The Codarl limbs were modeled after feline and insect legs giving it added mobility and jump distance. Its most distinctive feature is the pony-tail like attachment on its head, this does not appear to serve any other function than being a decoy.

Source -

Автор:  Johnny Cage [ Съб Апр 02, 2011 5:59 pm ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие


Voltron featured a team of five young pilots commanding five robot lions which could be combined to form Voltron. In this undefined future era, the Voltron Force was in charge of protecting the planet Arus (ruled by Princess Allura) from the evil King Zarkon (from planet Doom), his son Lotor, and the witch Haggar, who would create huge Robeasts to terrorize the people of Arus. Despite being the first of the two robots to appear on American television, the "GoLion" version of Voltron was regarded as "Voltron III" within the storyline because, within the original planned "three-Voltron" continuity, Arus was the furthest setting from Earth's side of the universe ("Voltron I" being intended for the Near Universe, and "Voltron II" for the Middle Universe)

Ако модераторите смятат,че е за Висшите,да го преместят там!

Автор:  B1nKaTa [ Съб Апр 02, 2011 11:39 pm ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие

Break Blade(Broken Blade)

The Broken Blade is a mysterious ancient Golem discovered in a Quartz mine of Krisna. Only Rygart is recognized as its pilot. It is made out of metal instead of Quartz and causing its weak armor. Unlike other Golem which can operate for long hour, Dirfinge’s energy gauge is pretty low and it limits the operating duration. However, it possessed unbeatable power output, speed and mobility.


Автор:  CaBa [ Нед Апр 03, 2011 12:12 am ]
Заглавие:  Re: Боен Колизеум 11 -Mecha- - Записване за участие


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