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 Заглавие: Музика: Paganblut
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Мнения: 1937
Местоположение: Valhalla Axe Mastery:Over 9000!!! Хоби: Pagan
Genre: NS Black Metal
Lyrical themes: National Socialism, Third Reich Heroes, Politics
Origin: Bulgaria (Varna)
Formed in:2003
Current label: Thors Hammer Productions
Status: Active
Current line-up:
Isar - all instruments & vocals (Funeral Forest)

Additional notes:
Formed in 2003 by Isar & a friend as a Viking Metal project, but nothing was recorded in this line-up, so in 2005 Isar started to record alone in the NS Metal style.

Paganblut also appeared on different V.A. Compilations:
"Misanthropic Spirit II" (Underground Propaganda) with the song Horst Wessel
"We Worship... Vol. 3" (A.M.F. Prod.) with the song Die braune Kompanie
"5 Years of Unholy Fire" (Sabbath's Fire Rec.) with the songs Fuck Donalds & J.York


Paganblut is an interesting NSBM project, created by Isar in the beginning of 2004. Records set off in February and by the end of December 2005 the first demo tape is finished. “Ruf Aus Der Vergangenheit” is their second release by the French label Thor’s Hammer Productions. The Record includes the entire re-mastered demo tape and also “SS Marschiert In Feidesland” (at first recorded as an instrumental and now with added vocals) and the new song entitled “Ruhe In Unfrieden“. Paganblut does not have the intentions to spread propaganda in whatever the manner, but simply aims to represent a different perception of the world and the political situation. “Ruf Aus Der Vergangenheit” sets off with a brief introduction for an obscure atmosphere. After that the album goes on with several very well interpreted famous German marches from WWII like “SS Marschiert In Feidesland”, “Die Braune Kompanie” and “Wir Sind Das Deutsche Afrikakorps”. The other three songs which are “Horst Wessel”, “Adolf Eichmann” and “Ruhe In Unfrieden” finish off the NS concept of the record. Raw and uncompromising music for those who appreciate it.



Ruf aus der Vergangenheit - Demo [2005]

Ruf aus der Vergangenheit - Full-length [2006]

Paganblut is a side-project of Isar, known as the bass and guitar player of Funeral Forest . Over a playing time of almost 30 minutes you get performed raw but melodic Pagan/Black Metal.

After a rather short Intro the second song starts fast and catching. The simple played guitar has a slight metallic sound and the strongly distorted vocals sound exceedingly violent. There are certainly rhythmic variations, but however the drumming remains altogether simple. More interesting and addressing are those vocal and melodic performances.
The third track rhythmically slow and stomping, the vocals are still distorted and less extreme, but for that more distinct. An overall melodic and calm played guitar is joining this slow rhythm. It's very interesting to listen to and also surprising, how perfect this melodic and harmless instrumental realization is harmonizing with the vehement singing.
The next song, an instrumental, is very melodic. If I am not deceived, this is a re-composition of an elder march song. Hereupon follows the longest song, a rough and barbarian track, wherein those extreme kinds of singing alternate. As well rhythmically as melodically there are manifold changes. The remaining songs are similarly constituted, whereof the last two songs are bonus material. One is the already mentioned march song, but this time with vocals - what is pleasing me more, because I find it is succeeding how Paganblut is combining those old marching melodies with these aggressive and marrow-penetrating vocals.

Ruf aus der Vergangenheit is thoroughly extreme Metal that knows to please despite the simply played drumming. Paganblut succeeded assembling the extremely rough and aggressive elements with solid and harmonic parts and to create an extremely atmospheric but radical music.


Paganblut - Ss Marschiert In Fiedesland
Paganblut - Horst Wessel
Paganblut - Die Braune Kompanie
Paganblut - Neuy
Paganblut - Wir Sind Das Deutsche Afrikakorps
Paganblut - Ausklang
Paganblut - Adolf Eichmann


Още от 1вата чута песен,групата ме грабна.Може да не е да бест,но на мен си ми 'аресва.

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Добри са :nod:

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хох нещо по-твърдо...са зимата добре влизат>> :P :P

It`s Over 9000!!!
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Значи хората правят добра музика.
Не съм им чела текстовете, но от клиповете и жанра си правя извод на каква тематика са :?
Много се ядосвам на този стил, който всички са измислили и е толкова нашумял напоследък. За мен няма NSBM и направо побеснявам като нарекат някоя моя любима група така. Хората си съществуват от години, свирят си и изведнъж на някой му хрумнало да ги нарича националсоциалисти и още повече нацисти! Предимно тези групи са си паган блек метъл (което е и любимият ми стил) и понеже се навъдиха някакви нови звезди, които се обявяват в този стил, не знам си кой решава да намърда и други групи, които нямат нищо общо.
Това го пиша, защото видях, че са лепнали NS и на Nokturnal Mortum и просто се вдъхнових.
Иначе хубаво, че и в България има такива групи, но колкото и да са добри пак ще ме отблъскват. И все пак не отричам, че музиката им е доволна :)

Vi døde ikke...
Vi har aldri levd
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